Q: Why was “B.F.” laying around the house in his underwear when
Indefatigable-Indolence.org was first manifested as noted on your
About Us page?

A: Well, that is what he was wearing when he woke up that morning,
so it was more efficient than a trip to the closet.

Q: How did “B.F.” come to the name “Indefatigable-Indolence” for this
web site?

A: “B.F.” was in his usual reclining positing making a brief list of
possible names for his new Internet domain that would convey the
essence of his philosophy of living and working, something really
descriptive of his core values, something that defined his being, and
incidentally “Indefatigable-Indolence” was the last name that came to
him before he would have had to look back at the top of the list and
start thinking about all of the names all over again.

Q; I noticed you used the term “brief” in the last FAQ answer, does
that mean that “B.F.” was wearing briefs when Indefatigable-
Indolence.org was first manifested?

A: No, “B.F.” was wearing boxers, and before you ask us another
question that we have to go to the trouble of answering, no, it was not
just his boxers, he also had on a T-shirt, with a crew neck and chest

Q: Why Indefatigable-Indolence.org and not “.com”?

A: Because “.com” implies commerce and commerce is ultimately
predicated upon someone actually expending energy and doing
work, at Indefatigable-Indolence.org we much prefer to think about
energy conservation and not working, and we pride ourselves on
being a non-emission-producing-non-working-non-profit
organization, hence the designation “.org”.

Q: How many people are on your staff?

A: Well, if we ever went to the trouble of counting  them we would

Q: What is the theme of your web site design and how does it relate
to your organization?

A: If we really must look at the rest of this page, it looks something
like an office building theme, or something to do with architecture or
building construction.  This is actually a very good fit with our
organization because in order to construct a building one must
engage architects to plan every thing, and planning is one of our
biggest strengths at Indefatigable-Indolence.org.  Planning usually
requires nothing more than thinking and we are very good at doing
nothing and thinking.  (Actually the thematic design of this web site
came to us, [we really like things coming to us, as opposed to our
having to go and get anything], when we first started using [please
excuse our use of such a harsh word as "using", we are too lazy to
think of another, more benign term] the web design tool that we
employ, [please don't get the idea that we employ anything or anyone
akin to working, we are using the term "employ" euphemistically, a
euphemism being about as strong and precise of an effort we would
ever want to take to describe anything].  When we clicked on the
"themes" palette of the web design tool "Architect" was the very first
choice that dropped down.  So it was a "no brainer" for us to simply
select that first theme, thus doing our part at conserving our
resources and not really thinking all that much.  (Thinking really isn't
all that it is cracked up to be, it actually means that your brain has to
do something in a conscious state, and at Indefatigable-Indolence.
org we avoid consciousness when ever possible, if it doesn't take
too much effort.)

Q: I see that you have added advertising to this web site, does that
mean that you are now a commercial enterprise.

A: We would not call ourselves a "commercial enterprise" at this
stage of our (somewhat inept and lackadaisical)  development, we
much prefer to view ourselves as a bunch of slackers who would not
have any objection to receive enumeration for what we do best,
which is doing nothing.  Hence the presence of ads on some of our
pages, which don't cost us anything monetary wise, and has been
so simple to implement, that we almost did not have to think about it,
let alone put forth the effort of doing a few  keystrokes, was a
"no- brainer" decision.  Anytime we are able to let our neurons get a
few more milliseconds of idle time, we know we have been
successful in living up to our expectations.

Q: Beside advertising, will you ever be selling any products of your
own via this web site?

A: We have had our R&D Team working on just that question, ever
since that odd day, when despite our normal inertia, this web site
was conceived.  (Unlike human conception, conception of a web site
does not require any physical effort at all, just laying around and
thinking, although  now that we think about it, laying around and
thinking about it is not always as much fun as doing it.)  Our R&D
Team has actually thought of some possible products that we could
offer for sale here, however our Human Resources department has
raised what we feel is a very legitimate concern, which is, if we
received orders for products that our customers would expect us to
fulfill, would we have the energy or initiative to fulfill them, since the
simple act of order fulfilment is quite contrary to our core beliefs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Note: For what ever reason, these questions may be asked
frequently, we are not really sure as to why anyone would make the
effort to ask these questions even once, or why they would want
these questions answered, as that would imply that they would
have to make an effort to read them, but we wouldn't hazard a
guess as to the why's, because that would take some effort on our
own part, however,  so in the interest of conserving our resources,
we are only going to answer the questions just this one time.