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Ellen DeGeneres: Where Are You When Puerto Rican Mutts Need You?

Rather than using your media clout to steamroll a local dog rescue group, when you know you did not abide by the rules, why aren’t you using your clout to intervene on behalf of the animals that seem to have been cruelly exterminated in Puerto Rico, as reported by Rory Carroll in The Guardian:
An internet […]

Taking It All Off Because Of Global Warming

In our previous post titled “Baring Your Butt (and more) For Art” we brought our readers the story about 20,000 people who shed their clothes in a public square in Madrid, all in the name of art. Today we bring to you a short video, courtesy of Greenpeace about 600 people who hiked up to […]

Chalk One Up For The Good Guys: Spammers Get Five Years In The Clink

As reported in the Guardian:
One of the world’s first successful prosecutions against internet ’spammers’ has seen two men sentenced to five years in jail in Arizona.
The two, who sent millions of unsolicited pornographic emails and netted millions of dollars, were the subjects of the first US prosecution under new federal anti-spam laws, US Department of […]

Rehab Southern California Style: Trouble In Paradise

(A follow-up to the previous posting Spring Break: Rehab Southern California Style.)
The high end rehab resorts in Malibu, California seem to be coming under fire according to the October 9th edition of the Los Angeles Times in an article titled “The trouble with rehab, Malibu-style“ by Paul Pringle:
Hollywood rehab can produce unhappy endings, even when the patient isn’t named […]

iPod, iPhone; iHypeOverload

The big announcements from Apple today:
If you were one of the first adopters, standing in line two months ago to get your hands on your very own iPhone, go ahead and beat your head against a wall, the gadget you bought is now second tier, with a newer, improved version available for $200 less than […]

The Brainwashing Of American Youth Continues

Didn’t We Already Know This?
As reported yesterday, in an article originally appearing in HealthDay by Steven Reinberg, a new academic study has revealed that kids prefer any food wrapped in McDonalds packaging, regardless of where the food actually came from.  Apparently specific food items from a single source were packaged in plain wrap and McDonalds branded wrapping, […]

Across The Pond Department: The 20th Annual Toilet Awards

Only the Brits would have, not just the Loo Awards, but the 20th Annual Loo Awards & the Attendant of the Year Award.  Knowing that the British people really appreciate their quaint customs (the Queen and fox hunting come to mind) it is no surprise to BFD that there would be a long tradition of […]

The Futility Of Trying To Better Mother Nature

Self Mutilation As An Antidote For Low Self-esteem
Ms. Place over on the Dishin’ Dat blog in a posting titled “The Skinny On Things“ shares some thoughts and photos of various males and females with various body “types”.  A conclusion that the brain trust here at BFD takes from her posting, and from our own ongoing independent observations, are that a significant segment […]

The Veil of Islam: Saudis Take A Step Backwards

The following item appeared in the Los Angeles Times today:
Authorities have ordered banks to separate female and male workers at their headquarters, a new setback for women’s rights in the kingdom.
Banks are one of the main employers of women in Saudi Arabia. Although women are separated from men in branches, they have worked together in […]

Decimation Of The Honey Bees

Is the Apis mellifera the canary in the coal mine that is our environment?

Scientists are not certain what has been wiping out entire colonies of honey bees, it may be something biological or it may be something environmental, as laid out in a story titled Suddenly, the bees are simply vanishing in the Los Angeles […]

The Veil Of Islam

It occurs to us at BFD that one of the primary motivating factors of many Islamic fundamentalists’ dim view of western culture, is the fact that western culture has no need for, nor any interest in the veiling of any members of our society.  The fact that females of the human species are regarded by […]

Criminal Minds

A Case Of Dognapping In Malibu
As reported Wednesday in the Here In Malibu blog, there has been a case of a dognapping in Malibu.
We predict this criminal will be apprehended by the authorities very rapidly, not because she is driving a late model silver Mercedes, there are plenty of those in Malibu, not because she is […]

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