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Hey, George Bush, Wanna Buy A Bridge?

Or How About Some Ocean Front Property In Central Arizona?
(Cross posted at Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.)
Just contact my friend “Curve Ball”, he will give you all the details and sell you a load of shit… er property.  Then after you swallow it, hook, line and sinker, you can try and foist it off on […]

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One Military Community’s Ultimate War Sacrifice

(Cross posted at Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.) 
This is the front page of today’s The Olympian, a local paper for those who reside in the Olympia, Washington area.  Every person pictured on the front page was living, likely building a family, and building a career of service in the military as a part of the local community […]

Economic Goals Of The Iraq War: Disaster Capitalism

(Cross posted at Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.) 
It has all become exceedingly clear for us here at BFD Blog! why the Bushliburton administration started the war in Iraq, it was so that their constituent business backers could exploit the disasters of our times, both those caused by natural acts in the environment, and those caused […]

The World’s Oldest Blogger: She Can Teach Us About Blogging & Life

Olive, born October 20, 1899.
Her blog is titled The Life Of Riley.  Her name is Olive, she is 107 years old and she lives and blogs from Australia.  Some have claimed that while she does not do the actual typing input for her blog that she is not a real blogger.  People who believe that are […]

Media Beat

It’s always good to get back to the hard news…

Slate’s Video “Magazine” Now Live

Check out this little sample spoofing Fred Thompson:
Fred’s first campaign ad.
For more, go to Slate V.
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Attention All Aspiring Cub Reporters

Check out Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez’ commencement speech at the recent University of Southern Caliifornia, Annenberg School of Communications graduation.  Funny and insightful and he brings home the point that it is time for the new generation of journalists to bring back integrity to the news reporting business.
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Graffiti Infiltrates Mainstream Art

How A Bloke From Bristol Pulls One Off On The Cognoscenti 
In a piece titled BANKSY WAS HERE - The invisible man of graffiti art, in the May 14 edition of The New Yorker, Lauren Collins profiles the anonymous artist known as “Banksy“, who through the talent of his street art and apparent clever marketing strategy, […]

Taking Us To The Dark Side…

and it is not pretty.
The story of an innocent Afghan taxi driver, captured by U.S. forces, taken to Bagram Air Force Base and ultimately tortured to death, during George W. Bush’s watch.  The documentary film Taxi To The Dark Side has its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow. 
How much longer will the American people […]

Need To Get It Off Your Chest?

There is a new blog, just for you, Dear So and So.
It’s mission, as stated by it’s author:
“It’s anger bubbling just under the surface. That guy who cut you off in the parking lot or the idiot who deliberately threw a fist full of french fries out his car window, laughing as they stuck to […]

President Bush’s Surge Strategy

As recently discussed on the In The Know program on the ONN network:

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