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Beware The Neglected Jelly

Beware the lowly jellied candy, neglect or disregard of its exalted status can be hazardous.  Jellied candies are to be preserved in a place of honor, always.  After honor, and prior to putrescence, jellied candies are to be consumed by the human energy production system with appreciative gusto, followed by sufficient gratitude.
Don’t believe this?  Then take […]

Border Patrol Develops New Program For Quick Deportation Of Undocumented Aliens

As reported by Reuters, the ever resourceful officers of the U.S. Border Patrol have developed a highly efficient, new process for expediting the deportation and return of illegal Mexican aliens to their home country.  The process is highly cost efficient, as it is completely automatic, without any need to assign any Border Patrol officers or contracted […]

Across The Pond Department: Doctor Quinn Party Woman

Apparently those English actor blokes really know how to throw a party. It was reported in the Evening Standard that Jane Seymour, known to American TV viewers for her starring role as Dr. Michaela Quinn, in the 1993-1998 series “Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman” is being hauled in to court for being too much of a party animal:
The 56-year-old […]

Fox News & Bill-O Buy A Peanut Gallery

Something Republicans Can Relate To, Selling Their Conservatism For Profit
As reported on LA Observed today, Republicans are being notified that they can make a quick $15 if they show up at the taping of the “Half Hour News Hour” at the local (Los Angeles) Fox affiliate, courtesy of the Los Angeles Republican Alliance.  An even […]

Across The Pond Department: The 20th Annual Toilet Awards

Only the Brits would have, not just the Loo Awards, but the 20th Annual Loo Awards & the Attendant of the Year Award.  Knowing that the British people really appreciate their quaint customs (the Queen and fox hunting come to mind) it is no surprise to BFD that there would be a long tradition of […]

Must See TV

The fine print:
Harriet - The wannabe mistress who just doesn’t have enough experience.
Tommy - The born-again-holier-than-thou-blowhard; who is the biggest slut of the bunch.
Karla - The sultry siren who will do anything to advance the career of her man.
Condi - The mysterious jet-set vixen who can’t keep her man out of trouble, anywhere in the […]

Tremors: The Paranoid Delusions Of Dick Cheney

After much research, and careful contemplation, the research staff here at BFD have come to the only reasonable conclusion a rational being could, in terms of what drives Dick Cheney.  Contrary to what may seem obvious on superficial examination, Dick Cheny is not an evil, war mongering, war profiteering, constitution subverting, right wing, wacko politico […]

Underwear = Knowledge

If It Weren’t For 13th Century Townies, We Would All Be Ignorant & Unhygienic

As reported in The Guardian by Martin Wainright we have the development and adoption of drawers, or if you like, knickers or underwear in the 13th century as possibly the single, defining event, that lead to world literacy.  As reported by Wainright, […]

Real Blogs Of Real Celebrities

(Well maybe if their “handlers” and PR flacks all took the day off.)

What does DeadEye Dick really think?  Check out News Groper to see the real minds behind the celebrities.  Unvarnished by writing hacks and spinmeisters, the thoughts that actually are excreted from the celebrities minds.

Are You Up For This Job?

Durex Australia is looking for a few good, vigorous men:

More details in this story headlined Stretch your talents as a condom tester.. distributed by Reuters.  This is an unpaid position (and any position while testing is acceptable), probably to avoid any consequences with authorities over local prostitution laws.  However, out of an anticipated 200 condom testers, […]

Now Playing: The Simpsons Movie

This important bit of business has been taking up the time of our staff here at BFD, which explains the recent dearth of serious posts.
Check out the cool web site for the Simpsons Movie, where you can take a virtual tour of Springfield, play some games and even build your own virtual Simpsons character.  While […]

Media Beat

It’s always good to get back to the hard news…

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