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The Clueless Losers File: The Huntress With No Conscience

Hat tip to John Walkenbach at the J-Walk Blog, who picked this up and shared it in the Blogosphere. 
Meet Mary Rakotz of Avon, Minnesota, who we would like to nominate as the Clueless Loser, So Far, Of The Year.

As reported by WCCO, a local CBS affiliate in Minnesota, Rakotz killed a rare albino deer last Saturday on Opening […]

Chalk One Up For The Good Guys: Spammers Get Five Years In The Clink

As reported in the Guardian:
One of the world’s first successful prosecutions against internet ’spammers’ has seen two men sentenced to five years in jail in Arizona.
The two, who sent millions of unsolicited pornographic emails and netted millions of dollars, were the subjects of the first US prosecution under new federal anti-spam laws, US Department of […]

The Face Of A War Profiteer

(Cross posted at Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.) 
Take a good look at the man on the left, with the smirk on his face, that is Erik Prince, the highly successful war profiteer who founded and runs Blackwater.  The man on the right is Stephen Ryan, Prince’s attorney, who seems quite amused as his client stonewalled […]

Standing On Principals

Jeff Ruby, a man who did not let a business opportunity or dubious celebrity get in the way of his own moral values, scored a touchdown, when he refused to serve O.J. Simpson and his party of sycophants in his restaurant last week.
As reported by the Associated Press, on Friday, May5, the evening of the Kentucky Derby, […]

Taking Us To The Dark Side…

and it is not pretty.
The story of an innocent Afghan taxi driver, captured by U.S. forces, taken to Bagram Air Force Base and ultimately tortured to death, during George W. Bush’s watch.  The documentary film Taxi To The Dark Side has its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow. 
How much longer will the American people […]

The Catholic Church: Breaking One Commandment Was Not Enough

Note: previously reported here was the first, and we thought, the only instance of the Catholic church going to extraordinary lengths to avoid their responsibility by breaking one of the ten commandments, we were too optimistic. 
Apparently breaking the 9th commandment (old testament, 8th commandment for Catholics) was not enough for the San Diego diocese of the Catholic […]

The Clueless Losers’ File

This week’s clueless loser honors go to Bob Straus, a 46 year-old bachelor, who by profession writes dating advice for  Straus is briefly profiled in an article in the New York Times in the Style section about people with eccentric tastes in apartment decor. 
Much of the article is focussed on Albert Podell, 70, who […]

The Catholic Church: Above God’s Law

We at BFD have always thought that in order to survive as members of the human race with some modicum of acceptance and success that ultimately, we must conform to all laws, all of the way up to and inclusive of the Hot Dog Law.  It goes like this:
First we must conform to the law of the […]

Mel Gibson’s Latest Role

As noted by, the wayward anti-semite Mel Gibson has now landed a role, where he is cast to type in “Lil Hollywood”, view a preview clip here.

For more information link here.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Can it be true?  Everyone’s favorite retro-radio-racounteur has lost all common sense and the country’s shameless, oversexed, right-wing wacko, hate spewing political operative have morphed in to each other?
Garrison Coulter & Ann Keillor

The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame: Phil Spector

Will Lana Clarkson & Phil Spector Get The Justice They Deserve?
After a four year delay, the trial of the State of California vs Phil Spector, charged in the homicide of actress Lana Clarkson is finally scheduled to begin next week with jury selection.  As recapped in this article posted on today, it is alledged […]

The Catholic Church: Pedophilia, Cover-ups & Weasely Cowardice

A Proposed Solution For Just Retribution
Once again a diocese of the Catholic church has weasely shirked its responsibilities to the people it purports to minister to.  As outlined in an article by Tony Perry in the February 28 edition of the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Diocese announced that it would be filing for […]

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