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One Military Community’s Ultimate War Sacrifice

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This is the front page of today’s The Olympian, a local paper for those who reside in the Olympia, Washington area.  Every person pictured on the front page was living, likely building a family, and building a career of service in the military as a part of the local community […]

Two More Patriots’ Lives Thrown Away By George W. Bush

What a terrible, senseless tragedy, two honest, concerned patriots killed in an American military expedition that they knew had been extended far too long by our uncomprehending president.
Yance Gray and Omar Mora, we salute you, and we will not forget you.
Thanks to Big Ass Belle for sharing this sad but important news.
(More on this at […]

The Veil of Islam: Saudis Take A Step Backwards

The following item appeared in the Los Angeles Times today:
Authorities have ordered banks to separate female and male workers at their headquarters, a new setback for women’s rights in the kingdom.
Banks are one of the main employers of women in Saudi Arabia. Although women are separated from men in branches, they have worked together in […]

Memorial Day: Remembrance and Honor

It’s not about an automobile race in Indianapolis, it’s not about the start of the summer barbeque season, it’s not about a three day weekend, it’s not about parades, it’s not about heros, it is about the sacrifices that were made in the past, the sacrifices that will be made this day, the sacrifices that […]

Standing On Principals

Jeff Ruby, a man who did not let a business opportunity or dubious celebrity get in the way of his own moral values, scored a touchdown, when he refused to serve O.J. Simpson and his party of sycophants in his restaurant last week.
As reported by the Associated Press, on Friday, May5, the evening of the Kentucky Derby, […]

Renowned Feline Specialist Gives His All For A Cat

As reported today in the Los Angeles Times, James Richards, the director of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Feline Health Center was killed yesterday, while riding on his motorcycle.  Apparently he tried to avoid running over a cat that was on the road, which resulted in his fatality in the crash of his […]

Setting The Record Straight

Jessica Lynch set the record straight today during her testimony before the House Committee on Oversight & Reform.  Ms. Lynch does not consider herself a hero, as made out by the Army and the Administration in the early days of the Iraq war, it is apparent that she considers herself an abused tool of the […]

Liviu Librescu: An Example Of Mankind At It’s Best

BFD honors the memory of Liviu Librescu, 76, Holocaust survivor, husband, father, teacher, hero.

This was a man who survived arguably one of the worst eras in human history, who prevailed, who became educated, who contributed to the advancement of society, who gave back through his teaching, who, having a deep understanding of the value of […]

From Grass Hut To Apartment With Central Air

Imagine the culture shock, one day you are barely existing, much of your extended family murdered, and you are literally starving in a grass hut in Darfur, that you then have to flee in your bare feet, after militia members set the hut on fire.  Then you become seperated from your husband, eventually ending up with your infant […]

Toby Parkhurst: An Example Of The Animal Kingdom’s Best

BFD is pleased to salute Toby the heroic dog, and member of Debbie Parkhurst’s family in Calvert, Maryland.  As reported by the Associated Press via this item on the CBS news site, when Debbie choked on a piece of apple, Toby, a la his fictional predecessors Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, came to the rescue, […]

Origami: A Manifestation Of The Power Of The Human Mind

Robert J. Lang, a scientist turned origami artist was recently profiled in the New Yorker.  Mr. Lang, who holds a Phd, is a world renowned master of the art of paper folding, and has been so successful at it, that he abandoned a career as a physicist and engineer (not before co-authoring 80 technical publications and obtaining 40 […]

Wesley Autry: An Example Of Mankind At Its Best

BFD salutes Wesley Autry, the 50 year old New York City construction worker who lept unto the subway tracks yesterday in front of an oncoming train in order to save the life of a stranger.
The whole story is documented on the front page of the New York Times web edition.
Mr. Autry’s selflessness exemplifies the kind of […]

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