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Chalk One Up For The Good Guys: Spammers Get Five Years In The Clink

As reported in the Guardian:
One of the world’s first successful prosecutions against internet ’spammers’ has seen two men sentenced to five years in jail in Arizona.
The two, who sent millions of unsolicited pornographic emails and netted millions of dollars, were the subjects of the first US prosecution under new federal anti-spam laws, US Department of […]

What’s For Dinner Tonight?

In this item headed Dinner guest finds host’s wife, son in freezer distributed by Reuters it is reported that when a Belgian woman who was a dinner guest went to put some of the leftovers in to the freezer, she encountered her host’s stone cold wife and son.
According to Reuters:
Prosecutors want the suspect, aged 43, […]

Criminal Minds

A Case Of Dognapping In Malibu
As reported Wednesday in the Here In Malibu blog, there has been a case of a dognapping in Malibu.
We predict this criminal will be apprehended by the authorities very rapidly, not because she is driving a late model silver Mercedes, there are plenty of those in Malibu, not because she is […]

The Criminal Mind

Blind Love Leads To Incarceration
Antonio Moreno, of Inglewood, California had a problem.  He was in love.  The love of his life, however, lives in Santa Barbara, California, about 100 miles distant, and Antonio did not have any wheels of his own, let alone a driver’s license.  But the ever resourceful Antonio figured out a perfect […]

Pack Your Bags, Alberto!

Your goose is about cooked.

Alberto Gonzales, soon to be former U.S. Attorney General

The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame: Phil Spector

Will Lana Clarkson & Phil Spector Get The Justice They Deserve?
After a four year delay, the trial of the State of California vs Phil Spector, charged in the homicide of actress Lana Clarkson is finally scheduled to begin next week with jury selection.  As recapped in this article posted on today, it is alledged […]

The Catholic Church: Pedophilia, Cover-ups & Weasely Cowardice

A Proposed Solution For Just Retribution
Once again a diocese of the Catholic church has weasely shirked its responsibilities to the people it purports to minister to.  As outlined in an article by Tony Perry in the February 28 edition of the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Diocese announced that it would be filing for […]

The Criminal Mind

Tripped Up By Lack Of Proper Firearms Training
The following item was published in the Los Angeles Times recently:
“A Cathedral City man was arrested Friday on suspicion of robbery and other crimes after he ran into a gas station store at Casino Morongo wielding a tennis racket and shouting that he was robbing the store and […]

The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame: Scott Peterson

As today is the fourth yearly anniversary of the murder of Lacy (Rocha) Peterson and her unborn son, Connor, it is only fitting that the memory of Lacy and of what Connor could have been, be honored, and Scott Peterson be inducted as another member of The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame.
May Scott waste away on […]

Another Cardinal Makes A Payoff

It was reported by the Associated Press today that the Los Angeles Archdiocese of the Catholic Church will pay out $60 Million to settle abuse claims.  Cardinal Roger Mahoney is quoted as saying:
“It’s a day of healing and reconciliation as we move forward with these 45 cases…”
No, Roger, the healing will not happen until you […]

The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame: OJ Simpson

We at BFD consider it our civic responsibility and moral duty to hereby establish the Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame.  It is our belief that contrary to any notion of heaping yet more attention on these less than human beings, that induction in to the hall of fame reminds our readers of the despicable and heinous […]

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