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Ellen DeGeneres: Where Are You When Puerto Rican Mutts Need You?

Rather than using your media clout to steamroll a local dog rescue group, when you know you did not abide by the rules, why aren’t you using your clout to intervene on behalf of the animals that seem to have been cruelly exterminated in Puerto Rico, as reported by Rory Carroll in The Guardian:
An internet […]

Is George Clooney The Thinking Man’s Carey Grant?

Forbes Magazine thinks George is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, which is a list that Carey was likely on at one time, but we think George might bring more to the table than simply suave hunkiness.

Overall, which of the two would be the Top Dog?




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Across The Pond Department: Doctor Quinn Party Woman

Apparently those English actor blokes really know how to throw a party. It was reported in the Evening Standard that Jane Seymour, known to American TV viewers for her starring role as Dr. Michaela Quinn, in the 1993-1998 series “Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman” is being hauled in to court for being too much of a party animal:
The 56-year-old […]

Real Blogs Of Real Celebrities

(Well maybe if their “handlers” and PR flacks all took the day off.)

What does DeadEye Dick really think?  Check out News Groper to see the real minds behind the celebrities.  Unvarnished by writing hacks and spinmeisters, the thoughts that actually are excreted from the celebrities minds.

Way To Go Annie!

We Like The Cut Of Your Jib

It is being reported that the BBC has had to issue apologies to both famed American photographer Annie Liebovitz and Her Royal Highness, the Queen, as reported in an articled titled BBC’s Queen row deepens in The Guardian.
Apparently the BBC spliced two unrelated scenes with the Queen together and […]

Are You Up For This Job?

Durex Australia is looking for a few good, vigorous men:

More details in this story headlined Stretch your talents as a condom tester.. distributed by Reuters.  This is an unpaid position (and any position while testing is acceptable), probably to avoid any consequences with authorities over local prostitution laws.  However, out of an anticipated 200 condom testers, […]

A Pardon Made In Heaven

Forget Scooter Libby, George W. Bush, you need to extend some of that compassionative conservative governance to Paris Hilton, so says Sherman Yellen writing in the Huffington Post.
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The Paris Hilton Peter Pan Strategy

As Paris Hilton was hauled off in handcuffs from her Hollywood hills home this morning by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, an airplane overhead towed a banner that displayed the words “We love Paris. -The Darling Family”; the same message was displayed on a full page ad in today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times. 
It […]

Spring Break: Rehab Southern California Style

As a public service to our readers at this time of year, when spring is in the air and we are all ready to sweep those cob webs out of our habitats, and emerge from semi-hibernation, needing to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves, BFD is pleased to present you with this virtual tour of Southern California rest & […]

Was There Ever Any Doubt?

The Donald trumps wrestling mogul Vince McMahon, was there ever any doubt how this bit of theater would resolve?  At least this little diversion has given Rosie O’Donnell more time to focus on her own bit of political theater.

How Far Some Of Us Have Come

Back when he was running for president at about the time of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover’s campaign slogan was:
A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage.
Some of us have come quite a far piece from that time in history:

That’s one of John Travolta’s homes, in Florida.  Apparently he parks his other three […]

Toby Parkhurst: An Example Of The Animal Kingdom’s Best

BFD is pleased to salute Toby the heroic dog, and member of Debbie Parkhurst’s family in Calvert, Maryland.  As reported by the Associated Press via this item on the CBS news site, when Debbie choked on a piece of apple, Toby, a la his fictional predecessors Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, came to the rescue, […]

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