Check Out Big Fella’s Viewing Recommendations

“The Colbert Report”, with Stephen Colbert, the ultra clueless conservative commentator, beloved by all liberals for his program’s success at putting conservative political views back to kindergarten.

“The Daily Show”, with Jon Stewart, featuring his slightly skewed, pithy take on the news of the day and his observations on politicians and personalities, who like innocent lambs on their way to a slaughter, are mere fodder for Stewart’s twist on current events. Stewart is augmented by a screwball staff of roving correspondents.

“Countdown”, with Keith Olbermann, the former sportscaster turned newscaster and sometimes commentator. Olbermann is the anti- Bill O’Reilly who counts down the five most watched news stories of the day, from the most significant to the most insignificant. Olbermann does not pull any punches in calling any and all political, leadership and business moguls to task, even in the face of overwhelming counter-spin playing throughout the rest of the media.

“World News Webcast”, from ABC News, a daily news program from the traditional mainstream broadcast network news organization that is based upon the mainstream broadcast content, but is formulated for a slightly younger demographic than the broadcast audience and includes some stories reported in more depth, with less commercial interruptions.

“Cheney’s Law”, from PBS, FRONTLINE examines the behind-closed-doors battle, waged by Vice President Dick Cheney, over the power of the presidency and the rule of law.

“Private Warriors” , from PBS, As the Army struggles to meet recruitment numbers, FRONTLINE takes a hard look at private contractors servicing U.S. military supply lines, running U.S. military bases, and protecting U.S. diplomats and generals.

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