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The Clueless Losers File: The Huntress With No Conscience

Hat tip to John Walkenbach at the J-Walk Blog, who picked this up and shared it in the Blogosphere. 
Meet Mary Rakotz of Avon, Minnesota, who we would like to nominate as the Clueless Loser, So Far, Of The Year.

As reported by WCCO, a local CBS affiliate in Minnesota, Rakotz killed a rare albino deer last Saturday on Opening […]

Larry, Larry, Larry…

will you never learn?
An email blasted out to numerous mailboxes on Capitol Hill on behalf of Senator Larry Craig’s office (courtesy of the Washington Post):
From: [Pat Olsen]
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 4:03 PM
Subject: Watch found in the men’s room
Watch found in the men’s room on the 5th floor in the NW Corner of the […]

Hey, George Bush, Wanna Buy A Bridge?

Or How About Some Ocean Front Property In Central Arizona?
(Cross posted at Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.)
Just contact my friend “Curve Ball”, he will give you all the details and sell you a load of shit… er property.  Then after you swallow it, hook, line and sinker, you can try and foist it off on […]

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