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Blind Loyalty Can Avoid Harsh Reality Only So Long

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Is George Clooney The Thinking Man’s Carey Grant?

Forbes Magazine thinks George is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, which is a list that Carey was likely on at one time, but we think George might bring more to the table than simply suave hunkiness.

Overall, which of the two would be the Top Dog?




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Just Another Sunny Day In Lotusland

Can’t a guy just enjoy a quiet walk with his pet?
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Quote Of The Day: On Presidential Contenders

Gore Vidal:
Any American who is prepared to run for president should automatically, by definition, be disqualified from ever doing so.
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Little Alberto Has A New Fast Track To Play With

And Is It Ever A Scary Ride
As reported by Richard B. Schmitt in the Los Angeles Times, the Justice Department is creating new rules that will usurp the authority of the courts, and the Attorney General the power to shorten the appeal process for Death Row inmates, in essence, “fast tracking” their executions.  This power […]

Short Items: The Perils Of Transportation

Reuters is reporting:
TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese biker failed to notice his leg had been severed below the knee when he hit a safety barrier, and rode on for more than a mile, leaving a friend to pick up the missing limb.
TALLINN (Reuters) - An Estonian man who was caught driving a car even though […]

Katrina Two Years Later: The Rich Get Richer & The Common Folk Still Get The Shaft

The Lower Ninth Ward, et al Stand Neglected, While Disaster Relief Funds Subsidize Luxury Condos For Alabama Football Fans
As reported by Jay Reeves of the AP and published by the Huffington Post today, real estate “investors”, we prefer to refer to these people as “grave robbers”, are taking advantage of the federal Gulf Opportunity Zone […]

Quote Of The Day: On Politics

Ernest Benn:
Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.
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Across The Pond Department: Doctor Quinn Party Woman

Apparently those English actor blokes really know how to throw a party. It was reported in the Evening Standard that Jane Seymour, known to American TV viewers for her starring role as Dr. Michaela Quinn, in the 1993-1998 series “Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman” is being hauled in to court for being too much of a party animal:
The 56-year-old […]

Bush Continues Abridging Our Constitutional Protections While The American Public Blissfully Applies Sunscreen

Enabled By A Weak Congress Afraid Of Their Political Shadows

Writing in The Huffington Post yesterday, Geoffrey R. Stone laid out the history of the recent domestic spying issues, beginning with the Supreme Court decision in 1972 protecting the 4th amendment of the constitution:
In 1972, in the Keith case, the Supreme Court unanimously held that even in […]

The Brainwashing Of American Youth Continues

Didn’t We Already Know This?
As reported yesterday, in an article originally appearing in HealthDay by Steven Reinberg, a new academic study has revealed that kids prefer any food wrapped in McDonalds packaging, regardless of where the food actually came from.  Apparently specific food items from a single source were packaged in plain wrap and McDonalds branded wrapping, […]

Fox News & Bill-O Buy A Peanut Gallery

Something Republicans Can Relate To, Selling Their Conservatism For Profit
As reported on LA Observed today, Republicans are being notified that they can make a quick $15 if they show up at the taping of the “Half Hour News Hour” at the local (Los Angeles) Fox affiliate, courtesy of the Los Angeles Republican Alliance.  An even […]

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