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Maybe It Is Time To Take To The Streets

And Demand The Ouster Of Bushliburton
John Seery writing in the Huffington Post in an article titled Protesting Bush: If Not Now, When? makes a good point about the fact that for all the blogging that is going on, it has not done much to dissuade the Bushliburton administration from their mission to corrupt our constitutional […]

Now Playing: The Simpsons Movie

This important bit of business has been taking up the time of our staff here at BFD, which explains the recent dearth of serious posts.
Check out the cool web site for the Simpsons Movie, where you can take a virtual tour of Springfield, play some games and even build your own virtual Simpsons character.  While […]

Media Beat

It’s always good to get back to the hard news…

Slate’s Video “Magazine” Now Live

Check out this little sample spoofing Fred Thompson:
Fred’s first campaign ad.
For more, go to Slate V.
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The Veil of Islam: Saudis Take A Step Backwards

The following item appeared in the Los Angeles Times today:
Authorities have ordered banks to separate female and male workers at their headquarters, a new setback for women’s rights in the kingdom.
Banks are one of the main employers of women in Saudi Arabia. Although women are separated from men in branches, they have worked together in […]

What Were They Thinking?

The Chinese township administrators hiring a blind contractor:
BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese court has jailed two officials after they let a blind contractor build a bridge which collapsed during construction and injured 12 people, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday. Huang Wenge, township head of Bujia in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, and colleague […]

From The We Couldn’t Make This Up Department

How Many Polish Soldiers Does It Take To Start An Off-road Vehicle When Deployed In Afghanistan?
Apparently at least two, one to go back to Poland to fetch the keys and one to actually start it, and two weeks to do it, as described by an item distributed by Reuters headlined: “Stolen keys delay start of military […]

Decimation Of The Honey Bees

Is the Apis mellifera the canary in the coal mine that is our environment?

Scientists are not certain what has been wiping out entire colonies of honey bees, it may be something biological or it may be something environmental, as laid out in a story titled Suddenly, the bees are simply vanishing in the Los Angeles […]

A Pardon Made In Heaven

Forget Scooter Libby, George W. Bush, you need to extend some of that compassionative conservative governance to Paris Hilton, so says Sherman Yellen writing in the Huffington Post.
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The Paris Hilton Peter Pan Strategy

As Paris Hilton was hauled off in handcuffs from her Hollywood hills home this morning by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, an airplane overhead towed a banner that displayed the words “We love Paris. -The Darling Family”; the same message was displayed on a full page ad in today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times. 
It […]

OK, Dubya, Get That Veto Pen Ready

President George W. Bush is going to have to do some heavy lifting soon, the House again passed legislation to loosen the strings Bushliburton had previously placed on the stem-cell research issue.  Rick Weiss reporting in the Washington Post in his story headlined House Votes to Ease Limits on Stem Cell Research describes the latest effort […]

The Veil Of Islam

It occurs to us at BFD that one of the primary motivating factors of many Islamic fundamentalists’ dim view of western culture, is the fact that western culture has no need for, nor any interest in the veiling of any members of our society.  The fact that females of the human species are regarded by […]

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