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Criminal Minds

A Case Of Dognapping In Malibu
As reported Wednesday in the Here In Malibu blog, there has been a case of a dognapping in Malibu.
We predict this criminal will be apprehended by the authorities very rapidly, not because she is driving a late model silver Mercedes, there are plenty of those in Malibu, not because she is […]

Belief Systems From A Virtual Stone Age

In a posting titled The breast feeding at work fatwa in THE SAND GETS IN MY EYES blog it is reported that Ezzat Atiya, on staff at an Islamic think tank associated with al-Azhar Islamic University in Cairo proposes:
Since men and women who have both shared the same breast milk are considered related, and related men […]

Memorial Day: Remembrance and Honor

It’s not about an automobile race in Indianapolis, it’s not about the start of the summer barbeque season, it’s not about a three day weekend, it’s not about parades, it’s not about heros, it is about the sacrifices that were made in the past, the sacrifices that will be made this day, the sacrifices that […]

Speaking Of Art & Commerce

As reported in the International Herald Tribune, this canvas, titled White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose), executed by Mark Rothko in 1950 was just auctioned for $72.84 Million.

The canvas, measuring 81 inches by 55.5 inches was sold by Sotheby’s on behalf of its former owner, David Rockefeller.  Rockefeller purchased it for less then […]

Recovering From Wolfgate

The New York Times is reporting that Bushliburton will move quickly to replace disgraced World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz:
WASHINGTON, May 18 — The Bush administration promised today to find someone quickly to succeed Paul D. Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank, and bring management skills to the job of healing an institution battered by […]

Breaking The Impasse

A Solution To Break The Impasse Between Bush & Congress On The Iraq War
In a story from the Associated Press that just broke in the New York Times, the latest in the controversial war funding issue is that despite significant concessions from congress at compromise with president Bush over the war funding issue, Bush continues to […]

Attention All Aspiring Cub Reporters

Check out Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez’ commencement speech at the recent University of Southern Caliifornia, Annenberg School of Communications graduation.  Funny and insightful and he brings home the point that it is time for the new generation of journalists to bring back integrity to the news reporting business.
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Graffiti Infiltrates Mainstream Art

How A Bloke From Bristol Pulls One Off On The Cognoscenti 
In a piece titled BANKSY WAS HERE - The invisible man of graffiti art, in the May 14 edition of The New Yorker, Lauren Collins profiles the anonymous artist known as “Banksy“, who through the talent of his street art and apparent clever marketing strategy, […]

Spring Has Arrived In Southern California…

and the Earth is alive with fire.  Just a normal part of the cycle of nature and mother Earth in La La Land.  Drought, wind, fire, floods, land slides and the occasional earthquake.  Thanks to the men and women of all of the local and statewide agencies who respond to these situations no lives were lost […]

Bye Bye & Good Riddance

As posted by

We couldn’t express it any better, bye, bye Jerry Falwell, if you meet your maker, maybe he or she will straighten you out on a few things.
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Standing On Principals

Jeff Ruby, a man who did not let a business opportunity or dubious celebrity get in the way of his own moral values, scored a touchdown, when he refused to serve O.J. Simpson and his party of sycophants in his restaurant last week.
As reported by the Associated Press, on Friday, May5, the evening of the Kentucky Derby, […]

Bushliburton Wet Dreams Vs Reality

Shades of Mission Accomplished, Deadeye Dick Cheney, posturing on the hangar deck of the U.S.S. John C. Stennis, which is cruising about 150 miles off shore from Iran in the Persian Gulf, with a covey of F-18 Super Hornet warplanes backing him up.

In an article headlined “On Carrier In Gulf, Cheney Warns Iran” in today’s New […]

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