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The Clueless Losers’ File

This week’s clueless loser honors go to Bob Straus, a 46 year-old bachelor, who by profession writes dating advice for  Straus is briefly profiled in an article in the New York Times in the Style section about people with eccentric tastes in apartment decor. 
Much of the article is focussed on Albert Podell, 70, who […]

How Far Some Of Us Have Come

Back when he was running for president at about the time of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover’s campaign slogan was:
A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage.
Some of us have come quite a far piece from that time in history:

That’s one of John Travolta’s homes, in Florida.  Apparently he parks his other three […]

A Meeting Of The Minds

Researchers from around the world met in Chicago this past weekend to delve in to the intelligence of man’s closest relative in the animal kingdom.  Meeting for three days at the Mind of the Chimpanzee conference organized by the Lincoln Park zoo, 300 researchers participated in the first major academic conference focussed on chimp cognition.  […]

Toby Parkhurst: An Example Of The Animal Kingdom’s Best

BFD is pleased to salute Toby the heroic dog, and member of Debbie Parkhurst’s family in Calvert, Maryland.  As reported by the Associated Press via this item on the CBS news site, when Debbie choked on a piece of apple, Toby, a la his fictional predecessors Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, came to the rescue, […]

The Catholic Church: Above God’s Law

We at BFD have always thought that in order to survive as members of the human race with some modicum of acceptance and success that ultimately, we must conform to all laws, all of the way up to and inclusive of the Hot Dog Law.  It goes like this:
First we must conform to the law of the […]

Who Sings Better? Who Is The Cutest?

We will take talent before beauty every time.

Is This What Google Thinks Of Us?

Ever on the job, the BFD anal retentive Quality Control department was inspecting our pages today and found that on our home page Google has served up 10 ads with titles of: Sex Offender Registry, Sexual Predator Maps, Sex Offenders Registry, Find Sex Offenders, Sex Offender Photos, Sex Ringtones, Sex Offender Registry, Sex Offender Information, Sex Offenders Records, […]

Mel Gibson: Foot-In-Mouth-Disease Persists

The anti-semitic, revisionist filmaker did it again while making a speaking appearance at a film class at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) yesterday evening.  As reported by and others, Mel had a meltdown when confronted by an assistant professor of Central American studies about the accuracry of his depiction of the Mayan culture.  As the […]

The Shafting Of Our Career-Soldiers

The picture painted in yesterday’s posting about the shabby treatment by the U.S. Army of our reservists and national guard members who have been called up and deployed to Iraq, is possibly even grimmer for our career military personnel.  In the current issue of The Nation, Joshua Kors tells the story of Army specialist Jon […]

The Shortchanging Of Our Citizen-Soldiers

In April of 2005, Sgt. Joe Baumann and his California National Guard unit were deployed in Bagdad when an incoming AK-47 round ripped apart his abdomen.  While ricocheting around, the bullet also ignited tracer rounds that set the then 20 year old on fire.  Baumann now “…walks with a cane, suffers from back problems and […]

Travelers’ Warning: Brachylagus idahoensis

It was announced by authorities in the state of Washington that last week 20 mamalian life forms identfied as Brachylagus idahoensis, which are of the order Lagomorpha, and family Leporidae, left captivity and are roaming free in Washington state.  Previously 8 of the animals were being held in Portland, Oregon, and 12 of the animals […]

Wounded Warrior Family Hotline - Who Needs It?

The American Forces Press Service (an arm of the Defense Department) released the following today which was published on the Defense Department’s website:
WASHINGTON, March 19, 2007 – Army officials this morning launched a new hotline to help wounded warriors and their family members to get information or assistance with medical or other issues.
The “Wounded Soldier and […]

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