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Origami: A Manifestation Of The Power Of The Human Mind

Robert J. Lang, a scientist turned origami artist was recently profiled in the New Yorker.  Mr. Lang, who holds a Phd, is a world renowned master of the art of paper folding, and has been so successful at it, that he abandoned a career as a physicist and engineer (not before co-authoring 80 technical publications and obtaining 40 […]

Talented Chrome Domes

You be the judge, who would you pay to see, who would you send back to the trailer park?

The Criminal Mind

Tripped Up By Lack Of Proper Firearms Training
The following item was published in the Los Angeles Times recently:
“A Cathedral City man was arrested Friday on suspicion of robbery and other crimes after he ran into a gas station store at Casino Morongo wielding a tennis racket and shouting that he was robbing the store and […]

The Old Adage Isn’t What It Used To Be

One would think that by now, Mr. Bush would have removed our troops from harms way in Iraq:

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