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Lonely Hearts Club

Recently widowed Single Arab Woman with Expensive Tacky Tastes is seeking a Single Athletic Director Dictator with Aspirations of Grandeur and Piles Of Money to hold me together with my family in these trying times.  Only bonafide dictators who control their own countries need apply.  A willingness to rape, murder, maim, destroy and […]

Annals Of Commerce

A Lession On Capitalism From The Totalitarian Economic Handbook
Apparently the People’s Republic of China is not one to miss any economic opportunity, even those presented by dead criminals.  This story recently received some play in the Los Angeles Times, however, the practice has been known to be going on for a few years, according the […]

The Working Stiffs’ Guide To Fine Living

Ettiquette Of Sharing Food At The Table
In an short piece about table manners by Helena Echlin on , Ms. Echlin equates stabbing one’s fork for a morsel of food from another’s plate to animals fighting over scraps.  Apparently Ms. Echlin is not a true connoisseur of fine dining among common folk. There actually are precise […]

Safe Driving Tips

1. If you are leaving on that fishing trip really early in the morning to catch them when they are biting, it’s a good idea to have that second cup of coffee first.
2. A good, well constructed boat is never a bad idea for avoiding trouble on the road.
3. Carrying a rope ladder is also useful […]

Wesley Autry: An Example Of Mankind At Its Best

BFD salutes Wesley Autry, the 50 year old New York City construction worker who lept unto the subway tracks yesterday in front of an oncoming train in order to save the life of a stranger.
The whole story is documented on the front page of the New York Times web edition.
Mr. Autry’s selflessness exemplifies the kind of […]

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