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Gerald R. Ford: RIP

He was thrust in to the most difficult, and arguably one of the most important, jobs in the world and he rose to the challenge, began the healing process for this country, and rehabilitated the office of the president.  He was a true patriot and served his country well his entire adult life.  We had great […]

Battle Of The Big Mouth Titans

The most entertaining “news” this week, hands down, has been the ongoing verbal battle between two of the biggest mouths in celebritydom, Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump.  O’Donnell a Titan of the disenfranchised and advocate of gay pride, and Trump, a classic and accomplished huckster (or “snake oil salesman” in the words of O’Donnell) who thinks […]

The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame: Scott Peterson

As today is the fourth yearly anniversary of the murder of Lacy (Rocha) Peterson and her unborn son, Connor, it is only fitting that the memory of Lacy and of what Connor could have been, be honored, and Scott Peterson be inducted as another member of The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame.
May Scott waste away on […]

Another Cardinal Makes A Payoff

It was reported by the Associated Press today that the Los Angeles Archdiocese of the Catholic Church will pay out $60 Million to settle abuse claims.  Cardinal Roger Mahoney is quoted as saying:
“It’s a day of healing and reconciliation as we move forward with these 45 cases…”
No, Roger, the healing will not happen until you […]

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