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B.F. Is In The House!

After a twelve day expedition though a major “house of fun” at an outpost of the American health care system, the Mrs. broke me out last night (despite threats of reinsinsurtion of the 3 inch fire hose up the family jewels by one of the care providers).  The Big Fella will resume blogging shortly, and maybe […]

Where’s Waldo Department: Testing Our Powers of Discernment

Can you find the error on this web page?

Do we chalk it up to inaccurate reporting by the broadcaster?  Is there truth to the fast food mystery meat rumours?  Is it a truth-in-advertising issue?
No, it must be a brilliant marketing ploy, promote the return of “Lost” and tie it in with the missing burger. 
(Meanwhile, discerning […]

Internet Journalism: Targeted Editorial Content

An Opportunity For Unprecedented Abuse Of Media Power
The New York Times published an article headlined “Times Withholds Web Article in Britain” recently in which they describe their decision to withold publishing an article about a terrorist case in Britain via their print and Internet editions, but which they have published in editions available to the […]

In Memorium

Eleanor Marie (Groger) Frost Travis
April 1, 1920 - September 1, 2006
Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother; Great Grandmother
The circle of life is complete & the spirit of a nurturer,
teacher and exemplar lives on.

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