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If Only It Were As Easy As Recording A Video

The headline of a story in the online edition of the New York Times August 27: “Fox News Journalists Free After Declaring Conversion”.  According to the news story the two captive journalists were released after they agreed to record a videotape in which they both declared that they had converted to Islam.
This development gives one […]

The Passion Of The Misguided (That Does Not Excuse Them From Being The Fool)

“Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”   – Mel Gibson
Has this man’s misguided beliefs been tolerated far too long?  Tim Rutten, writing in the Los Angeles Times, in his column titled “REGARDING MEDIA -Clues Dismissed in Time of ‘Passion’ ” just might be on to something:

Mr. Rutten makes the case that the recurring […]

The Intolerable Proposition

Recent events, occurring thousands of miles apart, but inextricably linked in my mind have got me to thinking. 
Proposition: That tolerance, when exercised without due regard to rational restraint, will lead to the ultimate failure of that tolerance to effect any outcome on the tolerating party, other than an undesired result.
The corollary to the Intolerable Proposition: […]

Did They Get The Right Man (Or Skewed “Volunteerism”)?

It was all over the media yesterday, and today some of the details have come out.  In a story today, the headline in the New York Times reads: “Suspect Says He Kidnapped Ramsey, but Called Her Death ‘An Accident’”.
The story relates that a man identified as John Mark Karr has been arrested by Thai authorities with the […]

Things We Would Like To See: Pertinent Road Signs

Internet Journalism: The New Paradigm?

Just read an article in this week’s New Yorker titled “AMATEUR HOUR - Journalism Without Journalists” by Nicholas Lehmann:
His basic premise is that while some are touting Internet news reporting as the new paradigm in news gathering and distribution, it has a long way to go before it can claim credentials on a peer level […]

Have They No Shame Department: National Collector’s Mint

I caught a commercial on a cable channel today, it was hyping the “5th Anniversary World Trade Center Commemorative” coin.  The company behind this is the National Collectors Mint.
They are touting a “truly unique commemorative…” it is a gold and silver coin, with a replica of the twin towers in relief, that actually is on […]

So Where Have I Been?

Here it is, about seven months from the time that I began this blog, and this is only the second posting that I am publishing.  The gap is due to the fact that I have been investing most of my time and energy in other issues (obviously).  I have maintained a personal journal on a private area […]

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