About Indefatigable-Indolence.org
About us:

Indefatigable-Indolence.org was conceived of, no, that is too
active of a verb, was manifested in the mind of our Beloved
Founder, affectionately known around here as “B.F.” (Big Fella),
one afternoon while laying around the house in his underwear.  
Since that fateful day we have been a presence on the Internet for
about five very long minutes.  We are probably unknown by
anyone except “B.F.”, but one day our name will be ubiquitous,
and we are sitting around, just waiting for that to happen.  We are
experts at sitting around and waiting for things to happen.  We
have many years of experience sitting around and waiting for
things to happen, so many in fact that they are difficult to count
and needless to say would take some effort to count, so we have
not counted them.

At Indefatigable-Indolence.org we have on staff some of the
greatest minds in the world that have never worked a day in their
lives.  We are proud to say that many of our staff have completed
the seventh grade, in fact our staff's dedication is such, that many
on staff have taken the seventh grade course work multiple
times.  The talent of our staff is so vast as to be immeasurable by
any conventional means.  As a matter of fact we have never found
anyone who has ever been able to measure a whit of talent
among our collective staff.

Knowing how important in this day and age of the shrinking
globe, brought on by the technological and communications
advances that are fast becoming available to all of the indigenous
societies on Earth, it pleases us to announce that at
Indefatigable-Indolence.org we have a multilingual staff.  On our
staff are experts fluent in English, Eubonics, and Pig Latin.  
Additionally our staff  are credibly conversant with all slang and
profane terms in Yiddish, Spanish, French, Italian, German,
Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Croatian, Martian,
Russian, and all derivatives of Bario.  All universal signals for
hand-communication are also known by our staff.

We are proud to say that our credo at Indefatigable-Indolence.org
Why put off doing something until
tomorrow, when you can forget about it