Omelet "Oscar"
Cooktop step 1: Place a small amount
of salted water in the sautee pan, heat
over a high flame until the water
starts to bubble; add asparagus, cover
and steam for one minute.
Cooktop step 2: After draining the
water place pan back on stove and
any remaining moisture will
evaporate, spray oil on asparagus,
turn down flame, and cook, tossing
every minute or so..
Cooktop step 3: Sautee asparagus
until they just begin to carmelize,
keep the heat to a medium flame.
Cooktop step 4: Satuee the ham slilces
for about 30 seconds, just to heat them.
Cooktop step 5: when the eggs are
nearly set, place the plan under a
broiler for one minute, so that the top
surface of the eggs is just set.
Cooktop step 6: Layer on the ham,
spread over the entire omlete surface.
Cooktop step 5: Layer on the cooked
Cooktop step 7: Layer the cheese over
the ham.
Cooktop step 7: Layer the asparagus
on one side of the omlete, alternating
tips and ends.
Cooktop step 9:  Loosen the underside of the eggs with a spatula and
try to gently fold over one half of the omlete on the other, slide the
folded omlete on to a plate and garnish with some of the reserved
sauteed asparagus.