Lost & Found
After The Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Or Infamy

Ever wonder where the famous or infamous end up after their
fifteen minutes in the spotlight.  The mystery is now over.  The
Indefatigable-Indolence Skip Tracing Staff, lead by the world
renowned bounty hunter, "Mad Dog" Chappaquiddick is on the
case.  It may take you a little bit of effort to move that mouse and
scroll down this page, but once you do, you will find out what our
skip tracers have uncovered, and true to our philosophy, none of
our staff had to even get up off their tushes to track down these
Copyright ©  2005-2006 Wayne E. Frost, all rights reserved.
If you haven't found something
strange during the day, it
hasn't been much of a day."
-John A. Wheeler
If you don't see someone who you might be wondering
about, just drop us a line
here and we will get our
skip tracing staff to sniff 'em out, just as soon as
they get back from their break.
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The well known child entertainer Michael Jackson
has fled the U.S. and opened his own Halal smoked
sausage store, somewhere in the Middle East,
leveraging his great body of experience handling
Robert Blake has been seen in Atlantic City,
outside of the jurisdiction of the California courts,
courting the Hooters honeys, never far from his
trusty Beretta.
The Wyoming bred environmentalist and oil
industry stooge, Dick Cheney, has not been hiding
out at "an undisclosed location", he has been
surveying his retirement investments, which include
the urban renewal of the Taj Mahal neighborhood.