(Our Legal Counsel Told Us We Had To Put This Page Up Otherwise We
Would Not Have Had The Initiative To Do It)
Upon advice of our independent counsel,
*Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, LLCC, we are
obliged to inform all visitors to the
Indefatigble-Indolence.org web site:

That first of all, the opinions, analysis, statements of fact or fiction
on this web site are not the responsibility of Baxter, Bailey & Bliss,
LLCC nor is Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, LLCC liable for any
actions, purposeful or by accident or by divine intervention by any
of the management of Indefatigable-Indolence.org.  Nor are any
actions whatsoever that may be taken on their own by Baxter,
Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, LLCC, the responsibility of Baxter, Bailey
Bliss & Murphy, LLCC.

The opinions, analysis, statements of fact, work product, and all
content of the Indefatigable-Indolence.org web site are for the
most part, products of the twisted mind of and are the
responsibility of our Beloved Founder, "B.F." and his designated
minions, agents and assigns, and in this regard, "B.F." takes no
responsibility for any part of it.

Further, that Indefatigable-Indolence.org is not responsible for
any damages that may be incurred by site visitors to the
Indefatigable-Indolence.org web site that may have been caused
by visiting said web site, or by acting upon any information or
instructional material distributed by Indefatigable-Indolence.org
or displayed by the Indefatigable-Indolence.org web site.  If we tell
you to drink Drano, set your hair on fire and jump off a bridge, and
you hurt yourself doing that, don't come crying to us about your
stupidity, we have enough of our own stupidity around here, thank

All complaints should (and can only) be submitted to
Indefatigable-Indolence.org via the email form on our
Contact Us page.  Please be sure to use as the first words in any
complaining email that you send to us the phrase: "THIS IS A
COMPLAINT, YOU NINNY'S".  Following the aforementioned
procedure will insure that your complaints will be automatically
delivered to our email trash folder, where they will receive
appropriate attention.
*(The Fine Print.)
Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, Limited Liability Cat Corporation are the
true owners, behind the "B.F." "beard" of all of the assets and intellectual
property of Indefatigable-Indolence.org.  The primary asset of
Indefatigable-Indolence.org being one residential housing unit in which by
their whim and largess, Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, LLCC allow "B.F."
and assorted family members and other associates to dwell (actually exist)
in service to Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, LLCC.  Permission to dwell, and
by extension to exist, in the same dwelling, no less the same hemisphere, as
that of Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, LLCC,  for "B.F." and associates is
revocaeble at any time and without prior notice by Baxter, Bailey & Bliss,

A word to the wise:  You who dwell upon our property are well advised to
insure that sufficient, fresh quantities of both dry and canned food be
available at no less than three "feeding stations" at any given time.  That
an array of at least three different buffet items be available at each feeding
station.   That three automatic, filtered water fountains be available and in
operation at all times.  That a minimum of three climbing trees and six
feline beds be available for use by resident (superior) feline  beings. Your
safety and well being will be further assured if all four litter boxes are
cleaned at least daily, and kept clean and sanitary at all times, with
appropriate replenishment of sand on an as needed basis.  That feline toys
are to be scattered throughout the dwelling in a concentration of no less
than one toy every 2.5 square feet.  All window shades, curtains and
draperies are to be rolled up or withdraw to an "open" position promptly
every day no later than 8:00 A.M. (10:00 A.M. on weekends) for maximum
bird viewing.  Volume of all televisions and other audio equipment is to be
maintained at an acceptable, low decibel level.  All demands for service,
manifest by meowing, biting, licking or rubbing against, jumping on or
walking upon human bodies are to be immediately fulfilled.
-Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, LLCC
We are watching you!