Commissary Department
Why A Commissary Department?

A dynamically complacent organization such as cannot exist on the sheer energy of
just its own inertia.  Our great inertia is manifested by our glacially
slow moving human resources, but those magnificently plodding
resources cannot subsist on sleep alone, they need fuel to
provide the energy to achieve a state bordering on the comatose.  
Hence the requirement for a Commissary Department.

In keeping with our ideals of accomplishing as little as possible
through the expenditure of the least amount of energy our
Commissary Department does not actually produce, acquire,
store, prepare or serve foodstuffs; nor does it clean-up anything
afterwards (that would be the role of our Janitorial Services
department, if we had one, but then it would be just too much
trouble to take out the trash all the time.) (Sorry about that long
winded sentence, it's just easier than stopping to insert periods
and shift to capital letters all the time.)  The real role of our
Commissary Department is something much more valuable to
our marginally effective human resource pool, and that is a role of
pure, unadulterated (and unadulterous, we might add)
unfettered by any practical considerations, in to finding
for ingestion by our festering pool of morally, intellectually
and physically challenged human resources.

In our considerably diminished capacity we have concluded that
the research mission of the Commissary Department is so
critical to the success of our organization that our leader, "B.F."
(Benevolent Founder, AKA Big Fella) has taken it upon himself,
when conscious, to lead the Commissary Department.  All of the
research findings produced by the Commissary Department are
his fault... er, produced at his direction and under his personal

The links in the "pane" on the right will lead you to "B.F.'s"
documented research findings relating to the identification,
acquisition, and human processing of delicious fuel.  The
research findings were originally published at the web site   where "B.F.'s" nom de chow is "Chino Wayne".
More such findings will be published under the links in the pane
on the right, if and when B.F. gets up off his butt again to go
foraging. We believe he is going to think about it, as soon as he
figures out when he can fit thinking about it in to his schedule,
which he will do after he sleeps on it.

We know it is asking a lot of you, and we do apologize in advance,
but if you would just consider making a slight effort, and "mouse
over" and then click on one of the links in the pane to your right--->
you will be able, with
*minimal effort, to read the musings of  "B.F."
about his
Adventures On The Chow Trail...