The Portable Chowhound Series
The web site exists as probably the most
visited, noncommercial, consumer oriented food and dining web
site on the Internet. was founded by Jim Leff
and the web site was built by Jim with the able assistance of Bob
Okumura (who has been manning the "engine room" ever since).

While much of the "static" content of the web
site is rather dated, all of the discussion forums are lively, up to
date, and filled with a treasure trove of food and dining tips,
awaiting the exploration and discovery by site visitors. makes no bones of the fact that it's discussion
forums are moderated.  There is a behind-the-scenes staff of
volunteer moderators, who themselves are all consummate
Chowhounds which keeps the focus of discussions on topic and
as flame-free as is humanly possible, given the archaic
discussion board software employed by

The enterprise is not a financial investment by
its owners, and the web site has been sustained for close to ten
years through luck, ingenuity and the personal generosity of its
founders and a relatively small cadre of appreciative and
enthusiastic Chowhounds.   The probability of's
continued existence, and availability to anyone with access to the
Internet is tenuous at best.

In an effort to stave off total financial destruction and the
subsequent impact of the web site permanently
"going dark", Jim Leff has put together, with the help of other
Chowhounds who frequent the discussion forums, and some
dedicated Chowhounds at Penguin Books, two guide books for
anyone who is a natural born Chowhound.  If sufficient proceeds
are received from book sales, Chowhound will continue to thrive
and benefit anyone who eats.  Success with these first two books
will insure that more books, covering other regions will follow.

Whether you the reader, realize or not that you may be a natural
born Chowhound, if  you eat in the San Francisco Bay area or the
greater New York area these books will help you eat better.  They
will also help any friends or associates who live or travel to the
San Francisco Bay area or the greater New York area to eat
better, and so make great gifts.

Please help to sustain the continued existence of by purchasing these books.  The links in the
pane to the right will take your browser directly to the related order pages for the books.  Or please visit your
favorite book store to pick-up copies of the books, or ask the
store to order them for you if they do not have them in stock.
The Chowhound's Guide To The San
Francisco Bay Area
The Chowhound's Guide To The New
York & Tristate Area
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