In The News
(Exclusively Available Only At Indefatigable-Indolence)
At we have a crack team of cranky,
crackpot correspondents asleep in our staff lounge, poised to
slouch their way to the site of breaking news throughout the
globe, as long as it does not interfere with their break time.  As
the big news events of the day break, our editors, after they have
awakened from their naps, and if it doesn't correspond with their
thrice daily meditation sessions, will think about dispatching a
cranky, crack correspondent, usually within a few days, maybe a
fortnight or two,  to cover the breaking news.

Our cranky, crack correspondents will provide the insightful
analysis, the detailed and untold stories behind the stories the
traditional media outlets would have you swallow, that only a
pimply faced prepubescent teen with a guaranteed eighth grade
education and a library of stained Hustler magazines under their
bed, is capable of.