BFD: Our Benevolent Founder's Department
The Musings (thoughts might take too much effort, although
we are not sure about that, since we have never expended
the effort to actually compare and analyze the differences
between the concepts of "musings" and "thoughts"} of his
eminence, our Benevolent Founder can be found at the link
below, if it is not too much trouble for you to "mouse over" and
Our Founder's Musings
It is better to sleep on things
beforehand than lie awake about them
-Baltasar Gracian
I much prefer sleeping, before, during
and afterward.
We've been awfully busy lately, procrastinating from doing other
things, so we have not had as much time as is necessary to
complete the development of this page, plus, if we had all the
necessary time now to complete the development of this page, it
would be just too much of an imposition on our free time to
actually utilize all of the available necessary time.  (That was a
very long sentence, and it took a lot out of us, so we are only
going to write one more shorter sentence after this.)  We think
there will be much more to come in this section, if we ever get
around to it, and it does not tax our brains too much.