This web site is not currently under
construction, nor is it really fully
constructed, it is in a state of flux
because we usually do not finish any
work that we have to do, since that
would require us to expend energy that
we'd rather conserve for more
productive uses, such as figuring out
how to avoid work..

-The Management

(If management is what you want to call
us, we are ambivalent about using a
label that might imply some sense of
responsibility on our part.)
Breaking News
Time you enjoyed wasting is not
wasted time.
T.S. Elliot
At nothing is the limit of our ambition.
Note to our readers: What with
maintaining this website, and the
remarkable BFD Blog!, taking our naps,
getting a good night's sleep, avoiding
overworking, we are all tuckered out
back here at Indefatigable-Indolence,
so we are only adding new material to
the blog